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Strange name eh ? This page is for any and all members of the Tancsa family tree. So, who are you ? If you did a search on the web, you probably came across a lot of references to me due to my years of participation on the Internet. So, if you are a Tancsa, drop me a line. This web site is rather boring right now, as I am sadly not artistically inclined. However, if you need some programming or computer networking, I am your boy.

An equally interesting and unique name was my partner's, Kathleen McSpurren who I sadly lost to duodenal cancer, July 29th, 2013 after 25.5 wonderful years together. I think of her every day. See
It was a pretty rough time for her (obviously) and me. We wrote about our time with cancer here In The Cancer Bubble

About me:  I am a network guy for Sentex Communications, an ISP in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  A great place to work with a great bunch of people.  There I help look after the network. 
I also write the odd FreeBSD blog entry at

If you want to see some of my photos, mostly of my dog Orville, try Most pics I make can be found there and on

Some notes about some of the places I have been when I was younger can be found at

If you are looking for my house blog, you can find it at

For my pgp key, I use

(1)     Mike Tancsa (simiamscience) 
          1024 bit DSA key 19DA666F, created: 2003-10-23

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