The cool thing about building a house from scratch is that you get to pick everything.  The shitty thing about building a house from scratch is that you have to pick everything.   My good friend Keith Winter pointed out, we only seem to have so much energy every day that we can allocate to making choices.  Too many choices and you just get burnt out and stop caring and look for the easy way out.  This was one of the dangers that took effort to navigate around in the lead up to demo day. Picking a rough plan to start from and then modify from there– its exhausting mentally.
Also, for all of our adult lives, Kathleen and I kind of lived like university students.  So I am coming from zero.   I almost feel like I am coming at this like a HillBilly. My Kitchen Island was my Corelle Plate I bought from the Bi-Way 20yrs ago that I would balance on my sink’s edge.  I love good design. I think good design like good art enhances our lives and is a necessary part of it.  But prices?!?! Holy cow, you can blow your brains out on stuff.  Bathroom fixtures were a real eye opener.  Somewhere between a garden hose and a $2,000 set of shower fixtures must be a happy medium for me.  I am just not sure where.


One luxury I know I will go for is an oversized bathtub.  As a kid I used to LOVE to soak.  But by age 15 or so, I could no longer fit into a tub without feeling like I was sitting in a bucket.  As a recreational long distance runner, having the ability to do an ice bath post long run would be very, very nice indeed. So to me, spending $500 on a normal tub does not make sense. I wont use it.  $1800 for one that I will, does seem like an investment in my enjoyment of life.


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