There it goes– Demolition day +1

It feels like I just rolled a large chunk of my psyche off the top of a five month effort to get to the top of the hill.  There is a chunk of me, now rolling down, set in motion and no longer in my full control. Not to overuse the metaphor, but when the Waterloo North hydro guys cut the power two weeks ago, the last safety line was cut and the boulder was ready for its final push. If the boulder lands and stops at the right place– At the bottom of the hill is my new house and my next home.Cutting the Hydro

It took perhaps 20-25min to be a pile of tinder.  The wood snapped like match sticks as the digger went through it like it was a cardboard house. It was ready to come down.

Some pictures at 

some videos at

I was quite positive and up about seeing the process. Really, I had removed all the memories and those I keep. In the end, it was a shell of a structure. I think too, because I have been in this sort of controlled stagger forward since November, this was more of a big step than a leap. Its been exhausting to get here, so a little more potential emotion gets blended into the bigger picture. Yes, a big day but I felt very prepared and very happy.

The weather cooperated. Overcast black and white– a nice day for transition. By Thursday, Spring returns and by Friday the footings for the new house are scheduled to be poured and will begin to cure. There is a wonderful congruence of symbolism there for me.




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