Digging Deep, to Grow Well

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It was pretty cool to see the big hole in the ground and the incredibly big pile of dirt! The foundation is not going to be that large of course, but they have to dig bigger in order to do the backfill once the concrete is poured.  The paperwork is taking a little longer than we hoped, but the building permit should be finalized by Thursday and the concrete guys can start pouring Friday. I was thinking a lot about when I worked on the farm some 27 yrs ago standing before the pit in my yard.  It reminded me of doing tangible things– growing things and not manipulating symbols and routing bits of light.  As my professional world is utterly intangible, it was a cool experience to grow things which were of course incredibly tangible.  Although I am not doing any of the labour and crafting, I am putting my savings into the physical building so it reminded me of that creation feeling that I felt part of while farming.  At the end of this will be something physical/tangible– for me to enjoy, to be part of the neighbourhood in a hopefully positive way and for someone in the future to enjoy after I am gone.

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