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There are lots of people who spend every waking moment designing every last detail of their dream home.  They read magazines like “Better Homes than Yours” and “Gardens you will Never Have” and watch endless shows on the tele about home renovations and innovations in home design.  Thats not me.
My main goal in this was really first and foremost to build a NEW house.  The old one as I had said before was falling apart.  The hot water heater went. The furnace was about to go. The roof needed to be replaced. The windows were falling.  The main house beam was turning to sawdust and the foundation which was rubble to begin with, was crumbling.  The plumbing was added after the house was built…. and so on.  I find it rich when people say, “Oh, you should have saved it”… It would have cost more, taken longer and the results crappier in every way.  And for what end ?  Nostalgia ? Nostalgia for what ?!?!
But beyond just a new house, I had to decide what features I would enjoy without breaking my budget.  This is where design advice came in really handy. With the Architect, all those little things like site lines, angles of sun, flows inside the house, balance, functionality etc — things we are generally aware of when they dont work, were designed to work by someone who understood these concepts. I remember starting from a plan that looked ok, but when we talked about it and my life style (No, no sex dungeons, but HIGH ceilings!) it was amazing how so many elements in the original plan didnt work, were dumb or just didnt match my lifestyle.   It was a real pleasure working with Laird who really helped my come up with a design that made good use of the space, was artistically pleasing and not too large AND, met my lifestyle goals.
I had a similar experience with the Kitchen design as well today. How do I like to eat? Where do I eat ? Do I cook a lot? What does my Kitchen look like now ? Bright ? Dark ? Practical ?  It was a really great process and I was extremely pleased at the end of it.

On the construction front, we are still waiting for the build permit which hopefully should be ready for Friday. If so, footings get poured and my house starts to grow!looking at kitches

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