End of Week 1

End of Week 1

The footings didn’t get poured today as the building permit didn’t get released until yesterday afternoon.  No biggie.  Monday it will happen.  The weather is cooperating so it will be fine.  The builder and my engineering neighbours are excited about the sandy bottom where the house will be which is great for drainage.  The one spot on the south west corner where the soil was a little different might have been a well from long ago.  No matter, its filled with gravel now so its load bearing will be fine.

I walked around and in the site and was amazed at how fast it had all dried out from the heavy rains earlier this week.  I am still blown away at how pretty well everything was hauled away to the dump in one afternoon.  That black&white, cold rainy day seems long ago now.  I did find something that was left over from the recycle bin I guess as well as a bit of trellis that formed the border of my old front steps.  Kath and I did that as a project many years ago— fixing the front porch and steps.

I am dropping by each day en route home from work to see it, even though little is happening right now.  Its neat to stand and talk to random strangers who walk by.  My neighbours of course all know me, but we have a lot of foot traffic come through.  Its fun to go troll some of the cranky older folks who don’t like my neighbour’s house across the street. Its a very modern style that I personally love!  However, some people don’t like ‘different’…. I really want to troll some of them and say my home will be done in the style of a giant black obelisk like the one from 2001, A Space Odyssey.  But the picture will go up soon 🙂 


You can see where the old well probably was where the gravel is


Stuff found in the dirt


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