Forms and Cooking

A few steps done this week on the build.  The footings were first which cured for a day. Then a load of gravel.  Then they were inspected and re-surveyed. The forms were delivered yesterday and started to get setup. The plan is for the concrete to get poured tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, I have been looking at Ovens and Dishwashers. Also an eye opening experience. Its been many, many years since I looked at a new oven and it too can pull you into the world of expectation inflation. Given that I tend to spend a bit of time in the Kitchen cooking and eating, I figured getting something that works well, and is easy to maintain would be worth a few extra bucks. But its shocking what you can spend on it. I also find myself having to repeat this question in my mind, “Sure, that feature sounds nice, but is it really going to make me a happier person in life in the short/medium/long run” ? When it came to the bathtub, spending double totally made sense to me. Why spend $500 on a tub I cant fit into and hence, will not use. That was an easy choice. It wasnt cheap– $1800, but I see it as worth it as I will enjoy it in a tangible sense. But the Kitchen I find a little harder. For $800 I get a functional stove. Traditional coil. Bare bones. But for $1400, I get one that does work a little better for baking (I do like to bake the odd fish and chips) and… well it looks so much better. I find the price difference purely an aesthetic choice. Is it worth it ? Will I be a happier person in life ? Still thinking….. As for the dishwasher, fuck yes! I have been dreaming about having one for ages! never had any space for it nor the plumbing in the old place. Now ? Damn straight! Whooo hoooo!!!!

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