“Look Out Honey, Cuz I’m Using Technology”

Its remarkable the momentum that has been carrying the house forward.  Mentally and physically, I had kind of checked out from the build to attend to my mum and the details around my father’s passing.  I still would come by to take a look at the site pretty well every day.  My mum enjoyed coming as well.  She too likes the symbolism of the “Tancsa castle” as my father felt success as a father in my success.

A little shout out to Iggy Pop in the title of today’s post from the song Search and Destroy…. I was thinking about it last Friday when the foundation was poured. hqdefault Gone are the days of pure human brute force building things.  Sure, there has always been technology involved, but its just that much more advanced.  Instead of wheelbarrows and human raw power, giant concrete pump trucks with snaking articulating arms to hose in the foundation. It was done in an easy 2 hours. Routine for the construction workers, amazing for me to watch.
It cured over the weekend and the forms were removed on Saturday and vanished leaving what felt like the legs of a creature slowly materializing in front of me.
It was really cool to watch it all just appear like that in such a short period of time.wp-1461939751835.jpg
Meanwhile, on the inside stuff, I bought a new stove and, Ooooooohhhh Luxury…. A Dishwasher!!!! The old house had no room for one. Also, more design work on the Kitchen. Progress. And next week starts Framing already.  Some services were already roughed in as well.  Technology, its amazing!


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