Walking Into The Plans

Had a quick coordination meeting with the General Contractor today.  It was a pretty cool to be there to see the first wall come up in front of me as well as stand in my building for the very first time. Chalk outlines There is a lot of visual progress right now. Once the framing and roofing is done it will seem as if not much is happening, but thats only because its all behind the scenes at that stage. But for now, its quite exciting to literally see it happening before my eyes.vStanding in my house was really cool too.  We were looking at the full sized drawings taking about rough ins and plumbing etc  and then walked into the structure where the elements were all chalked in.  Walls, support columns, doors etc. It really felt like this cool middle ground between initial concept and final reality.

I had this strange flash of realization yesterday when coming back from the mortgage signing and final Kitchen meeting. I remembered back to last August when I began in earnest to contemplate rebuilding my house/home. It all seemed overwhelming and improbable, vague and insurmountable. What would I build ? Who would I talk to? How do I do all the financing? How would I find a place to live with Orville while its done ? It really was a bit by bit process that I chipped away at. Those initial days were WAY harder than now. It really felt like I was pushing a giant boulder up a hill. Now that its pushed over the top, I am just running (sometimes staggering) after it as it rolls down with its own momentum.  Still many, many things to do, but they are now a series of bite sized details that all seem individually doable and solvable.




One of Orville’s windows that he will look out of to watch all the entertaining foot traffic 🙂



Lots done in one day!

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