What a difference a Day makes

Its pretty freaky to see how fast its coming up and taking shape each day this past week.  The ground floor walls are complete.  Late Monday afternoon, I took my first walk “inside” the structure and it really hit me that this was my new house/home resolving in front of me.

I love the flow of it all, especially to and from the front door. This is the architect, Laird’s handy work.  I can remember very well him describing some of the design changes he made and the reasons behind them. Walking through there were many, “Yes, I see very clearly what he meant” moments and am so glad for his craft! Cant wait to see the second floor come together which hopefully will be in just a week from now.

On the decision front, a little break for me. The kitchen is done. Materials, layout, colors etc picked.  The next step is flooring. How much hardwood (the engineered stuff), how much vinyl, how much broadloom…. Then colors. Oh and bathroom tile.  Yikes!  But happy and fun decisions to make.

wp-1462913310439.jpg wp-1462913310437.jpg






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