Enjoying the Top Floor

Its really exciting to come by every day and see what is new.  Monday was a bit of a slowdown I am guessing due to the rain and high winds so not much progress. Tuesday however, had the stairs finished and the top floor coming along.  It was quite a perspective up there.  The second floor is higher than the previous house. But I also have windows / views that I did not have before.  From the front guest bedroom, was a beautiful evening sunset.

The black and white day last April when the house came down seems so distant now.  We have had almost all bright sunny days during the framing so it really is a different perspective on things in so many ways.  With May being such an eventful and busy month (physically, mentally, emotionally), stopping at the house by myself and imagining a more manageable pace and a more rooted existence to life, was very timely. It was a needed reminder of what can be sooner than later.

As I was leaving, I also had a good chuckle with an elderly Asian couple who live up the street from me. We nod hello to each other on the dog walk.  They congratulated me on the new house and design of which they approved. They also asked if its for sale (no!) and how much it cost and how much I might sell it for! Haha!  They were also quite gleeful at pointing out the tall house for the tall man and his tall dog.

Top of the stairs
Guest Bedroom view
main bedroom view
first dormer
from main bedroom
From Dawson St.

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