Keeping Warm, Keeping Cool

A lot has been done, but still a lot to go.  I find myself thinking ahead more and more to the finish line.  I am having fun imagining the large two story living room coming together.  Tall plants…. Some interesting lighting both natural and crafted.  Some furniture arranged to sit and read or relax in quiet or conversation.  Windows to watch winter storms and windows to open to sleep in a summer breeze…. Orville’s window in study / former living room.  Taking a bath in December and looking up at the crisp evening sky, a nice cold shower actually standing up straight, after a long hot 30k run.  Some simple and deluxe pleasures.
On the building side of things, the insulation has been blown in.  A green colored foam that is reasonably green in material, but super high in R-value.  A little offgassing initially, but zero emissions over time.   Batting to come still in the attic.  Furnace is installed and electrical roughed in.   Drywalling to start in a week.  Siding another week.  I am quite pleased with the siding.  I love the contrasts of color– blue sky, green leaves, black roof, chalk skin.
wp-1467077221303.jpg wp-1467078228579.jpg wp-1467078160037.jpg wp-1467077532478.jpg wp-1467077221451.jpg wp-1467077221279.jpg wp-1467077220438.jpg wp-1467077220440.jpg wp-1467077220941.jpg wp-1467077220448.jpg wp-1467077220399.jpg

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