Massing:  a term in architecture which refers to the perception of the general shape and form as well as size of a building.

I enjoy learning new jargon in other fields.  Its a way to feel a little more connected to that specialty and perhaps better understand the nuances that those specific idioms can have.  Back, (way back it feels), in December I remember meeting with the architect to talk about the massing of my house. I forget if I had to ask, or waited to figure out from context the term.  For whatever reason, the term stuck with me as I like it. Its certainly a more interesting word that “siding” or “walls”…

This week, the outside form and general shape of my house really started to resolve. Every day, with yet another few planks added, I could get a sense of it, but on Thursday, an entire side had been completed.  The afternoon had one of those perfect blue sky / vibrant early summer lighting feels to it.  After taking a few pictures, I realized I caught a pretty cool effect of the windows reflecting the sky like one of those Magritte Paintings where the sky and clouds are embedded into the objects he paints.
I always liked his vibrant colors. White clouds, blue blue sky, black clothing, rich green. I love this time of year for those amazing color contrasts. The house, especially under the giant ash tree looked fantastic. (click on the image for the full resolution. And yes, I admit, I twiddled with the saturation, but just a bit!).  Inside, progress seems slow, but things like wiring, and insulation touchups take time, and dont have those visually big progressions.  

I am biased of course, but I feel the house nicely fits into the lot and to the neighbourhood. Its not one of those giant alien monster homes wedged in. Yes, its a bigger house than before, but its not too big I dont think. And how it fits onto the land and in the trees, I think makes it feel more like my future home than some alien structure I will be sleeping in. Oh, and for the record, I LOVE my neighbour’s house design across the street. Its more modern in design compared to my house, but it too I think does a great job of fitting in on the property and neighbourhood in its own way.
It still feels a bit surreal (yes, Magritte) to think this is going to be my new home soon. The target date is still some time in August which really is not that far away. But this week drywall starts and siding continues on. More electrical, plumbing, painting and lighting!. A lot to do, but a lot done!


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