The first reconnect happened this week.  I remember way back to April when power was cut to the house and how symbolic that was.
It really felt like the life blood was cut off from the old place and I found it quite affecting– more so than the demolition.  By demo day, it felt that the important emotional connections were already gone when the symbolically appropriate hollow walls came down.   But when the power got connected back this week, there was no corresponding feeling. It was all quite anodyne– a heart beat, but no heart I guess…  It was a nice little reminder of the difference between house and home that I dont want to lose site of.

But, Home Building will start!  In the mean time drywall is going in and close to 80% of the siding is done!  Also, with the construction fence gone, the place is decidedly looking less like a compound ! With the walls and ceilings being screwed in, it feels more cozy on the main floor and less overly open.  The upstairs never really had that feel to it since the walls were sort of there from the insulation. Its still all quite exciting, and more so as I get close to the finishline!



Kitchen being worked on

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