Rolling Forward to a Finish Line

The house is  getting close to the finish line.  The reconnections are almost all done.  Gas, Internet, water etc are all connected now or soon will be.  The outside of the house is essentially in its final stage and the ground has been graded.  The concrete steps from Menno St are boarded out and will be poured soon.  On the inside, the trim is now done and the final insulation (attic and basement) are complete. Its coming together.  Railings and painting today and then Kitchen next week along with grass seeding.

Its all very exciting and a bit scary too.  I cant help but feel a sense of starting from scratch.   In a few weeks I will have a new house and then starts the process of building a new home. That will take a lot longer.  But to have a house with insulation… a roof that doesnt leak, a shower I can actually stand in, a bath tub I can fit in and stairs that are safe to use…..  That will be a bit of luxury I look forward to.



I wonder if I should keep the blue outhouse ?




IMG_20160810_070740 IMG_20160808_174136

Bathroom / Shower coming along as well
IMG_20160726_195316 IMG_20160726_195253

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