Whether Weather or Not

Its been a very hot and dry summer so far, but the sky finally opened up with a heavy thundershower last night.  A real soaker.  In the past, this would have caused me any amount of stress and worry with the porous basement and leaky roof.  I knew 2 yrs ago I would have to rebuild or move, so I could not bring myself to put $10k into a new roof.  …. Yes, patch jobs…. But if the rain was from a particular direction, I would often get it leaking into my bedroom. The final few months were particularly demoralizing.   Dropping by this morning was particularly satisfying.  Trudging through the muddy yard and into the basement, it was so satisfying to to see a dry and comfortable basement.  Mind you, I was running the dehumidifier since its crazy humid in general, but you get the drift.  The walls were not sweating water, nor were there any puddles. Nice.

Work on the stairs continues, as does prep for the walkway.

…And yes, I did wash my foot post dog walk 🙂

IMG_20160811_173348 IMG_20160811_173413 IMG_20160811_173937

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