This blog is about the rebuild of my house on Menno St.  My former wife, Kathleen McSpurren and I who sadly passed away from cancer in 2013, had dreamed of rebuilding our little home to something new one day.  Unfortunately, that was not to happen for us.  I waited a few years until I was ready and finally in October of 2015, I decided to commit to doing it on my own.
The blog picks up the day I demolished the old house.  It was quite an effort to get to that point.  More like a controlled stagger, than a meticulously executed plan, but I got there.  The title refers to the feeling of pushing a giant boulder up to the top of a hill.  Going up, I felt in control of the boulder. Pushing it, stopping, pushing it some more, resting. Demo day is when I crested over the hill and let er rip!

Rebuilding from a hole