Footings– More than just a hole now

The first day of something new– footings.  The concrete foundation is being poured.  The forms and slab will come next.  If all goes to plan, it will be done early next week and the basement will start to really take shape.  wp-1461019762109.jpg


It was pretty neat to see the slush of concrete actually being poured and formed.  Properly constructed and barring any accidents over its lifetime, they will be hidden from view until the next property renewal, hopefully another 100yrs from now.   I was imagining walking over them some time in August and doing a little jump into the air.  In the old house, I could never stand up straight in the basement.  I will be able to exercise in this one.

I like dropping in to see it all.  Over the weekend I passed by both days even though I knew no work was scheduled.  I still cant believe this is my house being built.  After all these years, all the talk and planning and saving.  Its actually happening now.


I also got a colored rendering of the design.  Its bright! It looks a bit cartoon like with the bright white.  But thats the idea.  The WhiteHouse on  Menno St.  1600 Pennsylvania Ave ?

The Whitehouse

Rebuilding from a hole