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Thats a Wrap!

August 31st was the Wrap party.  The house is essentially complete, all inspections done and signed off on.  The GC and I did the pre delivery inspection which is really just a few minor paint touch ups. Really trivial stuff.
Had many neighbours come through to check things out and I realized how much I missed my community. I am fortunate to live in a really great neighbourhood which I miss and look forward to being in again.
On the outside is a lot to clean up still. The yard has some grass seed down, but unfortunately, the heavy rain washed a lot away before it had time to germinate.  So the property still looks a bit rough that way. But it wont be long before the lawn comes back, and then I can start the landscaping in earnest.
A few people asked if I felt odd having so many people come through my house.  As its all new to me, it didnt feel like my house… yet.  It was ‘just’ this lovely structure that I yet to make memories in. It truly is a blank slate for me.  Moving in will slowly start on the weekend.
Thoughts on the process….  A number of folks asked if there were any surprises, or any things that went wrong.  Really, nothing major or even notable.  I had to pause and think and come up with stuff.  There was a bit of delay due to a drywallers strike in Toronto that caused the trimmers to back up a bit, but it could have easily been bad weather to cause a delay.  The quality of everything seemed to me to be just fine and I had great confidence in the GC who oversaw everything to make sure it was excellent.  Third party inspections along the way (soil, footings, framing etc)  also make sure from a professional POV that all is good.  Its funny, in retrospect, it all seems so logical and “easy”, but having competent, decent and experienced professionals I delegate to, make it look so.  The prep work that started way back in October was the hard part (for me anyways). After that, it really was watching things set in motion carried forward by the energy and skill of others.

Now all the interior things to do…. Furniture… area carpets…. blinds and curtains etc….  It will take time and it doesnt have to be rushed.  For now, it will be yoga matts for all 🙂

One more post after this I think.  I have lots of pictures of the build process I want to try and put into some sort of time lapse series.  Not sure when I will get to it.  A fall rainy day project…. Funny, “rainy day” used to fill me with dread as I would worry would about the roof leaking if the storm was from the south…. Warm and dry now. How nice and luxurious is that!


basement view (exercise room)

wp-1472740792162.jpg wp-1472740791079.jpg