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Each time I go to the site, it starts to feel more and more like a house as the physical elements come together. But today, as the architect and I were walking and talking through the house about lighting and switching, I could really start to visualize my home and living there.

Today’s meeting was about lighting. and the switches that go along with it.  Another reinforcement as to why I am glad I paid the extra to work with someone who knows what they are doing.  After the fact, it all seems logical, and “sure, of course”, but its a lot of time and experience to get to that point.
The form is really starting to come together now.  The trusses are done, the roof sheets are up and the house is going to be wrapped in typar soon.  Windows are almost half installed. With the flooring sorted out, and now lighting and electrical, the next major decisions will be around furniture.  I suspect for the first bit, there will be a lot of guest Yoga mats to sit on as it will take time to figure out what to buy.  But for now, its looking and feeling really, really cool.

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My giant tub! – aka Mike-in-a-box

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